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With the lightpainting artists Tonny van Bree & Marije Zuidweg we released real photographs on a token. With this special photography technique we can share our passion of playing and creating with light. The process is the most important, but the art as result from it is a gift that we would like to share with everybody.

Just be yourself

Just be yourself

3D animations stored on the blockchain. These animations tell the story about different identities. Everyone has different ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. It is these thoughts, feelings and behaviours that make up our 'personality'. The most beautiful thing you can become is yourself.

THE Collection


Public mint: NOW

Signature by Ruud Ghielen

This generative art work created by Ruud Ghielen is launched on . The script will be programmed and stored immutably in a blockchain contract. The script will generate a unique digital art work for every new token created on this blockchain contract.

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